Skills sessions

The EBCOG scientific committee has designed a series of skill sessions with participants’ needs in mind, aiming for an immediate impact on their daily practice.

These sessions come in three innovative educative formats led by an expert team.

1. Hands-on Training (HOT)

Hands-on training is one method educational systems and businesses alike use to help teach people to learn a certain task. It provides real-world experience by allowing the trainee to get her hands directly on whatever she is learning, creating a sense of empowerment. (source: It is a form of training relating to, being, or providing direct practical experience in the operation or functioning of something. (source: Merriam Webster online dictionary).



14th of May – 16:15-18:15

HOT 1: Management of post-partum hemorrhage           

                CHAIR: Sabaratnam Arulkumaran (UK)

                Edwin Chandraharan (UK)

                Diogo Ayres de Campos (PT)

HOT 2: Gynaecological ultrasound           

                CHAIR: Jonathan Chamberlain (UK)

                Thierry Bultez (FR)


15th of May – 16:15-18:15

HOT 5: Prevention and repair of 3rd and 4th degree tears            

                CHAIR: Elham Baghestan (NO)

                Kateriina Laine (NO)

                Elham Baghestan (NO)


16th of May – 16:45-18:45

HOT 3: Basic obstetric manoeuvers         

                CHAIR: Diogo Ayres de Campos (PT)

                Jacky Nizard (FR)

HOT 4: Hands on endoscopy      

                CHAIR: Rudi Campo (BE)

                Helder Ferreira (PO)

                Federica Campolo (IT)

2. Master Class (MC)

A master class is a class taught by someone who has an expert knowledge or skill in a particular area to highly talented students, especially in music. (source: Cambridge Dictionary,



14th of May – 16:15-18:15

MC 5: Recognizing the International Ovarian Tumor Analysis (IOTA) features       

                CHAIR : Heidi Thornhill (NO)

                Wouter Froyman (BE)


15th of May – 16:15-18:15

MC 2: Vaginal wet mount microscopy    

                CHAIR:  Yngvild Skåtun Hannestad (NO)

                Gilbert Donders (BE)

MC 4: Ultrasound: second trimester challenges

                CHAIR: TBD

                Thierry Bultez (FR)


16th of May – 16:45-18:45

MC 1: Vaginal breech birth          

                CHAIR: Elham Baghestan (NO)

                Frank Louwen (DE)

MC 3: Fertility preservation        

                CHAIR: Jone Trovik (NO)

                Anis Feki (CH)

MC 6: Sexual medicine: practice guidance and pre-exam (ISPOG?) TBD 

              CHAIR: Johannes Bitzer (CH)

               Sibil Tschudin (CH)

3. Interactive Course (IC)

An interactive course typically describes material of an educational nature delivered in a format which allows the user to directly impact the materials’ content, pace, and outcome. Interactive is defined as ‘involving the actions or input of a user’. (source: Merriam Webster online dictionary)


14th of May – 16:15-18:15

IC 2: How to publish your paper 

                CHAIR: Knut Hordnes (NO)

                Janesh Gupta (UK)

IC 6: First trimester ultrasound   

                CHAIR: Asma Khalil (UK)

                Tullio Ghi (IT)

IC 7: Colposcopy               

                CHAIR: Jone Trovik (NO)

                Ameli Trope (NO)


15th of May – 16:15-18:15

IC 1: Step by step videos in Gynaecological Oncology      

                CHAIR: Hugo Gaspar (PT)

                Henrica Werner (NL)

                Hugo Gaspar (PT)

IC 4: Intrapartum fetal monitoring           

                CHAIR: Sabaratnam Arulkumaran (UK)

                Diogo Ayres de Campos (PT)

IC 5: Vaginal hysterectomy – tips and tricks         

                CHAIR: Heidi Thornhill (NO)

                Jonathan Chamberlain (UK)


16th of May – 16:45-18:45

IC 3: Practical Urogynaecology   

                CHAIR: TBC

                Karen Rose (UK)


 You can register for each skill session via the REGISTRATION form. Limited availability for every skill session – first come first serve!


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